Monday, 24 February 2014

Loving the little things

Matilda does so many things that delight me on a daily basis, I'm so worried I'll forget them. I'm sure there are loads I've forgotten already. To that end I'll be listing them here as a record. Sappy, me?

Things Matilda's done that have made me melt this week:

  • tickling her dolly's toes, saying 'ticky ticky ticky'
  • when I say 'where's your nose?' she touches my nose
  • her big wet open mouthed kisses
  • her delight when her daddy and I hold her hands and swing her up in the air when out on a walk
  • her obsession with being swung around by the hands
  • her pretending to reach over to pull out the DVDs but checking to see I'm watching first
  • her obsession with her "When I was born" book
  • sticking her tongue out and going 'lalala'

I'm aware all this stuff is pretty standard, but it's what makes parenting wonderful and I don't want to forget it.

Of course there have also been times when I've wanted to scream with frustration, but let's forget those times eh? Who could scream at this face?

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